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Andrea Turgeon Says

I love love love my GymJam gear! Design is awesome they are uber comfy, and great quality! The sports bra is my all time fav, and that's coming from a girl who owns probably 50 of them 😬

Rachel Jessica Says

I love my leggings and sports bra! I love how they have the rubber seam underneath to stop them slipping up or down. My other favourite bit about your sports bra is the lined cups. I have small 'assets' haha and it actually gives me a nice shape and I'm not forever having to reshape them or move them back into place once it's been in the washing machine so keep that feature!

Personally I'd love a slightly longer top than the sports bra but still a crop top possibly 3/4-full length sleeves in colours that went with the smoke leggings (maybe the colour the smoke is) and still with the sticky band

Kevin Fagan Says

Love the products guys, great quality, little extra style elements like the longline style of the stringer is my personal favourite. And the V back on it. Of all the gym gear I have, major, established brands included, it's my favourite stringer. Toby and Kelly Marie are killing it in the shots too, representing the brand amazingly. And I love the idea of the @gymjamfam account. Such a nice touch to show the customers some love! 

Keep it up guys!

Chris Holmes Says

What can I say about GymJam... to represent a Brand that has really blossomed is a blast. Now I say rep because no matter where I am and what I am wearing I am getting people asking what and who and that's an awesome feeling. 

I always wanted to wear what would push me to my limits and GymJam has provided that opportunity ten fold. The fit of the Noire Taper Tee and the #GymJams black and white Hat really put you in that aggressive mode that has you wanting to beast whatever workout you do. 

Can't wait for any and all new product and I am sure that with tons of fan feedback the GymJam collection will only grow more and more to rival even the most established fitness wear out there. You guys rock and look forward to a heck of a phenomenal future with #GymJams and the #GymJamFam... HYPE!!!

Cameron Munnelly Says

GymJam supply you with amazing products, such comfort, good style and well vented for working out! Only gym clothes I own now

Luke Bridgeman Says

Awesome company with good quality products. What more could you ask for? Seem to be smashing it in 2017 too! Things can only get better

Laura June Says

GymJam is a great brand. I love the quality of the products at an amazing Value. The customer service I have received so far has been exceptional and I feel proud to wear their products. I receive lots of compliments whilst in and out of the gym and love how the products feel. I am very much looking forwards to possible new products and I will continue to support the brand.. also i wont forget to post more pictures online at @gymjamfam 😉

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