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Chris Holmes

What can I say about GymJam... to represent a Brand that has really blossomed is a blast. Now I say rep because no matter where I am and what I am wearing I am getting people asking what and who and that's an awesome feeling. 

I always wanted to wear what would push me to my limits and GymJam has provided that opportunity ten fold. The fit of the Noire Taper Tee and the #GymJams black and white Hat really put you in that aggressive mode that has you wanting to beast whatever workout you do. 

Can't wait for any and all new product and I am sure that with tons of fan feedback the GymJam collection will only grow more and more to rival even the most established fitness wear out there. You guys rock and look forward to a heck of a phenomenal future with #GymJams and the #GymJamFam... HYPE!!!