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The benefits of green tea

Welcome to the family! 2017 promises to be a big year for us, if the outstanding response and support we have had since our launch from you guys and girls continues (which we are very grateful for!). We want a brand that sets itself apart from the competition, a new era in sporting and fitness, a community orientated brand! We are now going to introduce you all to our first, #FitTips mini-article with many more coming soon!


Trust us Brits to start with our very first GymJam blog and it be about tea! This will be a formidable force in getting lean! With around 200x more antioxidants than vitamin E and vitamin C, this will provide a great resource when detoxing, leaving you with very healthy looking skin as well as lowering the bad cholesterol! (Some studies claim a body fat loss of up to 5% in only 6 weeks by just adding this to your diet.) #SecretWeapon


Burn Fat!

Drinking only 4-5 cups of this glorious stuff a day will burn an extra 150 or so calories (of fat, not just weight!), which will quickly accumulate into many additional pounds of fat lost, on top of exercising and dieting correctly, if added in to your daily routine.

ECGC Content of varying teas (USDA, 2007):

Brewed green tea: 180mg

Brewed green tea, decaffeinated: 60mg

Brewed green tea, flavoured: 45mg

Ready-to-drink green tea: 10mg

Brewed oolong tea: 80mg

Brewed black tea: 20mg


NOTE: Green tea leaves will be however, much more effective than standard, processed teabags. 

Strengthen your bones!

A study by the National Cheng Kung University Hospital in Taiwan, found that drinking tea strengthens bones. Tea contains fluoride and flavonoids, both of which enhance bone strength. This study, based on 1,037 men and women age 30 conducted bone-mineral density tests. The people who consumed tea for more than 10 years had overall bone-mineral density at 6.2% higher than in non-habitual tea drinkers. 

Science behind the facts

Green tea contains several ingredients that assist in regulating the metabolism. The main catechins, within green tea are ECGC, and EGC. ECGC has been shown in several studies to assist with fatty acid breakdown in the body and the metabolism of bad cholesterol (LDL) which can build up within arteries, thus assisting to remove blockages and increasing blood flow. In addition to this, the component EGC, will strengthen bones by raising levels of mineralisation within the cells.

Get the temperature right

Hot, freshly brewed tea contains the highest levels of antioxidants and helps release EGCG. You can still enjoy cool tea, but prepare it the normal way first and allow to chill in the fridge. Watch out for ice, it causes the caffeine to combine with some of the antioxidants forming a complex which we can’t absorb. Note also, that some studies claim, boiling water can kill the useful catechins, so aim for water temperature just before boiling (around 80 degrees Celsius / 175 degrees Fahrenheit!).

Get the timing right

Cover the tea with hot water, steep for five minutes before drinking. If you leave it too long or too little you won’t get the maximum dose of antioxidants. The only exception is powdered green tea, where brewing time doesn’t matter so much as it releases its antioxidants much faster.

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